Client                                                              Services

JP Morgan Chase                                                    Naming, Positioning, Brand Strategy, Writing

The Rockefeller Group Business Centers        Website Writing, Project Management

Merck                                                                          Writing, Naming

Goldman Sachs                                                       Writing, Naming

IBM                                                                              Naming, Brand Strategy

American Home Products/ Wyeth                       Writing

Constellation Energy                                              Brand Strategy, Naming

The Maritime Group                                                 Brand Strategy, Website Writing

Johnson & Johnson                                               Writing, Naming

Galt & Co.                                                                   Website, Article Writing

Citibank                                                                      Naming, Positioning, Brand Strategy, Writing

CIT                                                                               Copywriting, Brand Strategy

The Vitamin Shoppe                                               Taglines

Scerene Healthcare                                                Naming

Pernix Therapeutics                                               Naming

O'Malley Communications
Sampling of Corporate Clients