Name Development,  Branding Strategies
Writing Services for Corporate and Marketing Communications

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O'Malley Communications
O'Malley Communications provides naming and brand strategy services
both directly to major corporations and as a specialized resource to noted corporate
identity, advertising and branding firms. The branding solutions we have created
include corporate and organizational names, product and service brand names,
branding systems, naming architectures, taglines, positioning statements, and
messaging platforms. In addition, we facilitate creative brainstorming sessions.  

Kathy O’Malley is principal of O'Malley Communications. She is a communications
consultant with extensive experience in name development and verbal branding
strategies. Kathy is also a versatile writer of business communications including
websites, blogs, marketing materials, reports, recruiting materials, presentations,
speeches, and sensitive corporate communications projects. Previously Kathy
worked for Citibank in marketing and corporate communications roles and as a
manager of securities services. She holds a Masters in International Affairs degree  
in economic development planning from Columbia University.

In the twenty years since O'Malley Communications was established, our clients
have included major financial services, pharmaceutical, technology, and energy
corporations as well as smaller businesses and start-ups spanning a wide range of
industries and geographies.